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What are the costs associated with CODE's billing services?

There is an initial sign up fee of $1000 with a $400 yearly maintenance fee. After we receive payment and the documents on our site are completed in their entirety, your office may begin submitting claims or requesting eligibility checks. There is never a charge for  the 30 eligibility/benefit checks per month and pre-authorizations associated with those eligibility/benefit checks.

Once your office receives payment we charge 8% of the net amount. Therefore, we do not charge based on denials, co-pays, and/or deductibles. We only invoice 8% of the amount that the insurance company pays out. 

The services we provide at no additional costs:

  • Claims follow up
  • Eligibility checks
  • Denial follow ups
  • Appeals

What does the $1000 Initial Sign-Up fee cover?

The sign-up fee our company charges to your practice is for several primary reasons:

  • We do the paperwork for all the clearinghouses with a large number of carriers.
  • We have spent a great deal of time and money on the training videos on our site and the SOAP note library.
  • We provide unlimited, free pre-authorizations (after a eligiibility/benefit check).
  • We provide 30 free eligibility/benefit checks per month, each one thereafter is $3.00.


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