Cross Over Dental Enterprises- Medical Billing for Dentists
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Our support, service, and training is unparalleled in the industry!

     We cater close to over a thousand dentists and our methods are well proven and effective.  Recently, we moved our platform to this website so that we can continue to support our doctors in a more timely and secure fashion.  

     We can also train and support you and your staff even if you have never submitted a medical claim before.  We teach you how to capture patient information, decipher if they are entitled to benefits, and allow you to submit claims in real time, right on our website.  

     We have also developed a private communication portal that allows you to discuss private patient information in a secure manner.  You no longer have to worry about HIPAA compliance because we don't use unsecure methods of communication like email. 

     With our dental background, we know how much you hate taking time away from production, blocking out your schedule to train your staff to implement new protocols in your office.  This is exactly why we have built this website.  You can train your staff WHENEVER you want, at your and their convenience.  

    We have a large catalog of videos that teach your staff how to collect medical insurance information from patients, how to balance the ledger in practice management software like Eaglesoft, how to present to patients the option of billing to medical insurance, and much more.  This is a sample video that you will find in the member's section of our site.  We have a large library of tutorials that teach you the essentials that you need to send medical claims for procedures you may have performed.  The biggest regret our clients have is that they did not venture into medical billing any sooner.  They realized how they have lost significant revenue, but more importantly, lost benefits that patients were entitled to in the past.  There is no better time than to start now!