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CT scans are probably the most common claims we submit to medical insurance on behalf of our clients.  When we detail the limitations of Two-Dimensional Imaging and the medical necessity for inspecting anatomy and morphology in Three-Dimensions, medical carriers are much more prone to pay out benefits for your patients.  The proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve and the potential to perforate through critical anatomy like the sinus (or even adjacent teeth) is motivation enough for medical insurance to support your approach.  Unlike dental insurance, where the patient is capped at one FMX or one Pano per a 3 or 5 year period, medical insurance can pay for scans numerous times in a single year, as long as you have great documentation for the necessity of the images taken.  We also have had great success billing medical insurance for any guided surgical stents you may use during a procedure to safeguard the patient from any potential harm, although the rate of reimbursement here is much less than the scan itself. 

If you are utilizing Cone Beam Technology in your office, you will be thrilled to know that you can bill for procedures performed in the past 12 months.  Most states have laws that allow this and we can help you capture revenue you have been missing out on over the years.  Register now and within a day, with our online training and support, you can start billing medical insurance today.  Our vast library of content will have your staff trained in no time to and we promise you will be thrilled with the results


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