Cross Over Dental Enterprises- Medical Billing for Dentists
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Billable Procedures

Medical insurance reimburses dental providers for the following services routinely (not limited to just these services):

  •  All examinations- periodic exams, limited exams, comprehensive exams, detailed/extensive exams, and specialist exams/consultations

  •  All radiographic imaging- periapical imaging, bitewing imaging, full mouth series of imaging, panoramic imaging, cepholametric imaging, and computerized tomography scanning/imaging.

  • All extractions- fully erupted teeth, partially impacted teeth, full bony impacted teeth, and infra-erupted and supra-erupted teeth.

  • Surgical services- osseous surgery, gingivectomy, bone grafts, sinus lifts, soft tissue grafts, distracted osteogenesis, and orthognathic surgery.

  • Biopsies and excisions of malignant or benign lesions.

  • Appliances- Sleep apnea appliances, bruxism appliances (night guards), and TMD appliances.

  •  Anesthesia for surgical services rendered in dental offices.


Click on the links below to understand how we will bill for these procedures!

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